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Consultant and TC2000

I’m a long time tc 2000 user

Has anyone switched recently and fell in love w Stock Charts? I’m borderline expert w TC but have trouble figuring out basics w SC. Am I alone?

does anyone know a consultant I can hire to help with the transition?

lastly, was the move fromTc worth the time and energy?




  • I don't have nor know much about TC 2000. Just from looking at the TC 2000 overview, one big thing that you can't do on StockCharts is scan on intraday data, so that would probably be the biggest difference. The scanning capability is probaby similar to a certain extent with the exception of "patterns". The only patterns on StockCharts are predefined Point and Figure patterns and a few predefined candlestick patterns.

    Is there something that you need help with on your StockCharts "transition"? I don't know of any consultants, but if you have something that you are wondering how to do on StockCharts, this forum should be able to provide guidance in the endeavor.

    There is also a search function at the upper right of this forum, as well as on StockCharts, that can be used to find information on all the various wheels that have been created so it's often not neccessary to recreate the wheel.
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    Here's a step by step "getting started" link. I think this is a new, and so probably improved, introduction to the site.

    You can also get there from the member page by scrolling to the bottom of the "Member Tools" panel to the left, under your name.

    Just above that is a "What's new" link that might also be helpful for an overview of site capabilities:
  • I should have said "one big thing that you can't do on StockCharts is scan on intraday chart time frame data". You can't scan for a PPO crossover on the 5 minute chart. You can certainly see a PPO crossover on the 5 minute chart, but the scan engine data is daily data, with the current day updating every 15 minutes I believe.
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    You can scan for intraday crossovers of daily data based indicators. The most recent update is considered end of day. Of course, intraday end of day and after close end of day results may differ. So you might get a daily MACD crossover hit on a scan from at 10 am but not after 4 pm.

    Here's what the documentation says about scan data base update frequency:

    "The first update for the Scan Engine usually begins at 9:31 AM Eastern Time. Because of the vast amounts of data involved, all scanning systems work with datasets that are slightly older than “real-time.” When the market is open, our Scan Engine is continually updating the final data point for all of the stocks and indexes that it tracks on a rotating basis. When a member runs a scan based on the “Last Intraday Update,“ the Scan Engine will use a final daily data point that may be up to three minutes old, depending on when the scan is run. "

    The chart database updates differently from the scan database. BATS real time data is free but it does not include the major exchange prices or volume. You can separately purchase real time exchange data (unless you are a "financial professional"). You can choose how often the chart refreshes (on SharpCharts - not sure how it works on ACP) 5,15,30 or 60 seconds.
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