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Technical Indicators

Anyone know if the 'Extra' plan offers the following (3) for charting ? VWOP , Heiken-Ashi 'smoothed', and Moving Avg. 'smoothed'


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited November 19
    This page documents existing indicators. As far as I know, all indicators on this page are available at all subscription levels. I haven't checked whether all are available both SharpCharts and ACP.

    This page is a guide to free and paid plug ins for the ACP charts.
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  • I'd say NO to "VWOP", No to "Heiken-Ashi Smoothed" and No to "Moving Avg Smoothed".

    The access to indicators doesn't change with subscription levels. I believe that it's the amount of indicators you can add to a chart that does.

    You can display a chart as Heiken Ashi but the indicators are based on normal prices and not HA prices and bars. So the MA (the smoothed part of it) is based on the regular prices.

    VWAP is available in on intraday chart time frames but you can't scan on it. You also have Anchored VWAP avaiable on all time frames on the ACP charts, but no scanning available on that.

    MA Smoothed is not an option but you have many other options for MA's that should effectively get you close enough. On ACP there are more MA's available for display than on the SharpCharts and they are available for scanning in the scan workbench. MA's for display on the sharpcharts are EMA, SMA, and KAMA.

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  • I can Confirm, it doesn't have those in Extra Package. Heiken Ashi, although it smooths the Data, it does this at a cost of being Delayed signals. So, it is good to use ONLY if you are a long-term trader Set-and-forget type. They offer Heiken Ashi but not Heiken Ashi smoothed. You can smooth it by Applying a moving average. there is no VWOP but there is VWAP and you can smooth that also by applying a moving average, to it. Hope this Helps.
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