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Scan Results

Good Morning. I'm fairly new to trading, new to Stock Charts and new to writing scans. I've written a few test scans and am reviewing the results. My question is can I and if you can, how do you change columns shown in scan results? I have the "extra" membership. Thanks.


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    You can't change the predefined columns in the scan results. You can select which ones show by clicking ont the Columns box at the top of the results and then selecting or deselecting then.

    You could also save the results to a chartlist and then you can select from those columns available in Summary View (there are a lot of columns available in Summary View).

    You can also ADD a column of data to the scan results table by using a Rank By statement at the end of your scan code.

    Rank By [RSI(14)] will add the RSI 14 data in the last column of the results.

    Rank By must be the last line on the scan. NO and in front of it. You can select most any of the indicators or expressions to use in the Rank By. The Rank By is sortable in the results.

    StockCharts mention this in their help:
    "In some cases, there is one additional column on the far right, usually displaying an indicator value. If you use a “RANK BY” clause in your Advanced Scan, it will show the value of the indicator or other criteria you ranked by. A few of the Predefined Scans also have an extra column pertaining to that particular scan criteria."
  • Thanks.

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