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How accurate are SC earnings dates?

I used to avoid anything that was anywhere near ER, but recently I've been doing half way decent by trading tickers that do certain things before earnings and playing the pops....But I've noticed that Stock Charts will list certain ER dates, but other places online will say those are just estimates based on other times in the past....Since I've only recently started paying close attention to ER, can I ask you guys that might know, how accurate are the ER dates listed at SC, in your experience?


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    The dates are provided by the companies under SEC rules. All of the information is then consolidated by a data provider and sold to partners, like, to use in their programs and display on their site.

    So the dates are accurate but subject to change, if the companies decide to postpone or change the timing in some manner. And if they are changed, it should be picked up by the data provider and updated to their partners.
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