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Changing look back period in new MarketCarpets?

How do you adjust the lookback period as you could in the old MarketCarpets (with the slider)?


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    I don't see it as being available. It could have been an oversight and nobody provided feedback to them that it was missing. I had something similar on the "New" SharpCharts workbench where they didn't allow for the Start/End date slider on the Range options. I use THAT all the time. I provided feedback to support about the issue and they resolved it the next day.

    I'd shoot a request to support to see if they can add that functionality back into the tool. I don't use the new MarketCarpet. I do miss the old Top and Bottom 5 display listing on the right side that showed a mini chart of the holding above the listing when you clicked on the symbol. Now you have to find the symbol in the carpet and hover over it to see the mini chart.
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