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Weekly TTM Squeeze

In the Scan Workbench under the Technical Indicators drop down menu I found the following for a TTM Squeeze scan:

[group is SP500]
and [Close > 30]
and [Volume > 9,999,999]
and [TTM Squeeze(20,2.0,20,1.5,20) = 1]

I would like to change this for a weekly timeframe. Any ideas? Thank you.

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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    place weekly in front of the filter.

    and [weekly TTM Squeeze(20,2.0,20,1.5,20) = 1]

    You can also use monthly if looking to use monthly data in a scan. A point of information. If you run a scan that has weekly or monthly filters in it, your more accurate results will come from running the scan at a week ending or month ending date. You can run the scan any time, and it will give you results that match your scan. Just remember that a weekly TTM Squeeze isn't really a weekly TTM Squeeze, until the week is over. So a weekly squeeze may show on Tuesday, that isn't there on Friday.


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    Thank you so very much!
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    You might also want to consider whether to adjust volume for weekly volume, or average daily or weekly volume.

    As it is, if you happen to scan on a day (or after the close of a day) when volume is weak, you might miss some symbols that you would want to see.


    and [weekly volume > ? ]

    and [sma(5, daily volume) > ?]

    and [sma(4, weekly volume) > ? ]
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