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Trendline alerts

Is there a way to get alerts when trendiness are broken?

Also I see how to manually draw trendiness. Is there a way for Stockcharts to draw them?


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    You would use the Technical Alert Workbench to get alerts.

    When you go into the Technical Alert Workbench it loads like this:

    It defaults to Advanced Alert. This is very similar to the Scan Workbench in that you build your Advanced Alert in the same manner as a scan. You can set this up to look at your universe of securities and then add your trendiness broken criteria and notification options and it will notify you when any or all have broken trendiness.

    You an also set Price Alerts on individual symbols to notify when a price level is crossed. You get to pick whether it is crossed UP or crossed Down. If you want to know if symbol A has crossed above a level or below a level, you would have to set up two Price Alerts.

    I use both the Advanced and the Price Alerts. They are extremely helpful to me.

    Help section to set up Alerts

    As far as automatically drawing trendlines, does not have that ability at the moment.
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    Thanks I'll look at that
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