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Is there an "All Chart Lists" option in writing a scan?

Hi, I would like to be able to have a scan analyze all of my Chart Lists. Is there a way to add a generic statement to include "All Chart Lists" as opposed to listing them individually in each new scan? Thank you.


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    I don't see anything like that.

    If your lists total less than 1000 symbols, you could combine them into one list for scanning purposes. That might be a wash (running scans vs. maintaining a master list) if the list membership changes often.

    You could make a suggestion to Support. It's an interesting idea.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    An idea would be for them to add a checkbox in the YOUR CHARTLISTS dropdown for you to select multiple lists in one swipe.

    I've made the suggestion to support that they should add the Chartlist number to the visual display of the chartlists in other views, besides the scan engine. You actually add them to scans and it displays the number there, both in the dropdown and they workbench. The number, not the name, is important to the scan engine. I have several lists that have similar names but may have different dates added to the name or other indications. I have no easy way to tell if I'm looking at the same chartlist in Summary view, that I'm using in the scan workbench.

    Here's a real life example. I have a chartlist I add to a scan and save that scan. Let's call it chartlist 25. It's a list of my IRA positions. Let's say later on I create a new chartlist with my IRA positions and delete the old list. My new list is chartlist 30. Chartlist 25 is in the scan and will remain there until removed / replaced. There is no warning that pops up that says chartlist 25 is invalid. So I can run a scan on a chartlist that says it's my IRA positions, but it's not doing anything with the non-existent list

    I think it would be a simple fix to the display the number in all chartlist views but... I think that they can do a simple fix on the CandleGlance PnF axis labels and that hasn't been fixed as long as I've been a member.
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