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Difficulty in navigation

Use case: Go through a chart list/ scan results in Sharpchart workbench or ACP => Save charts( filter based upon some chart pattern) to a chartlist.

For this we have to manually click the arrow buttons and save button with a Mouse.Its very difficult to use the Mouse particularly when the list is big.

To save a chart we need 3-4 mouse clicks which is insane.It would be easy if they provide keyboard short-cuts like(left/right arrows for navigation, Cmd+S to save the chart to a deafult chartlist).

This will really help us to to go through the daily flow/ weekly flow.I think they need to make these basic navigations easy to perform.

Any thoughts/ tweaks for this?


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    Sounds like you are using the "new" sharpcharts workbench? I don't use that one, I'm still using the "Classic Sharpcharts" as long as I possibly can. I don't use ACP at all so can't really help you on that one.

    If you are using scan results and then review each chart to see if you want to save it or not, that is a tedious and cumbersome process. I'd save the scan results into a chartlist and then review it to remove the names you don't like.

    A process for quick review of a chartlist that I use all the time is the CandleGlance view of a chartlist. This will display your list using a variety of predefined chartstyles. You also can create your own custom CandleGlance chartstyle to use.

    You also have the option in CandleGlance view to use a customized technical indicator as a sorting mechanism for the display. I really like the ability to review things quickly, using my preferred chartstyle(s) in CandleGlance view. You can delete symbols/charts from your chartlist from here as well, by clicking on the trashcan in the upper right corner of the chart (you may have to hover in the corner for the trash can to appear).

    Below are links to help you set up your custom CandleGlance chart. It has a few requirements. You can also use this type of process to create your one Industry Summary chartstyle and Market Summary chartstyle.
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