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First post here. I was referred here when asking the below of Stockcharts directly.

Tom Bowley often refers to internet stocks and the index $DJUSNS.

I am not seeing $DJUSNS as an industry on the stockcharts "industry summary" page.

However I do see it is recognised on the charts if entered.

Is there a way to find ETFs that track the $DJUSNS, or what stocks are included in it?

I am not finding any ETFs that track the $DJUSNS closely when entering them onto the charts like I can with other tech industry indexes, such as software and semiconductors. Example



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    $DJUSNS shows up under the Communications Services section of the Industry Summary page. Click on $DJUSNS to see its chart.

    To see the stocks in the $DJUSNS, go to the Advanced Scan workbench page to run a scan on the industry.

    Click open the drop down "Sectors and Industries", find "Internet" under Communication Services (right at the top) and click "Add"

    [group is Internet] will show up in the scan window under the default code. Delete the default code. Then for clarity in the results (to put the biggest stocks at the top of the results) add 'rank by market cap'. So it will look like this:

    [group is Internet]
    rank by market cap

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    Thanks markd for pointing out that is is under Communication services. I just assumed it was a tech sector industry. After posting I asked Bard (now Gemini) and was shown 17 stocks making up the DJUSNS.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    You will also want to add

    and [country is US]

    to the scan, as the $DJUSNS is US stocks. The 'Group is Internet' is all the stocks classified as Internet industry in the StockCharts scan engine database.

    Another way to get to the "Internet" industry group is through the Sector Summary

    Click on the Name of the Sector and the Industry Groups under that Sector will display. Click on the Name of the Industry Group and the components in that group will display.

    Reminder, all the names showing in the Internet group are not in the $DJUSNS holdings. Only the largest US names are in the $DJUSxx indexes.

    On the Sector Summary Page note the additional headers/ tabs you can navigate to from here as well. They added Index Members, SCTR Reports, Earnings Calendar, and Cryptocurrencies.

    Also note, out on the right hand side of the page are links to Heatmap, PerfChart, and RRG.

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    I am able to find stocks in any sector or industry using the scan tool as markd instructed and also the sector summary page as Imkwin instructed. Now I would like to find ETFs per industry.

    With the advanced scan tool, I can choose ETFs and also US industries, and add them to the scan window. However none show up. Results read "no data in table". I tried a few main industries like semis, for which I know there are ETFs. I also tried deleting the default "[type is stock etc.... entry but still "no data available"

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong? or perhaps a tech issue with the site or my browser" I haven't run into any tech problems with the scan page over the years.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited June 30
    You are not doing anything wrong. Apparently, Stockcharts has not classified ETFs by sector and industry. This is something would have to be done "manually" by them since its probably not done by the data vendors (although Stockcharts does edit vendor classifications, I believe). So the scan engine does not pick them up with "group" searches by sector or industry, just ETF.

    You might send of a suggestion to Stockcharts that they do that.

    In the meantime, you could do a scan for ETFs, or a search, and review how they are named. Then do a scan on "name contains" a plausible keyword that fits the sector or industry you are interested in. Not perfect, but a start.
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