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Indicator Panel Advanced Overlay Parameter Hidden Feature

See this post from @BobS for reference: Can you get Bollinger Bands to show with Area style when you are using it as an indicator?

Check out this neat hidden secret feature that I just learned about regarding Indicator Panel Advanced Overlay Parameters. Looking at color coded Moving Averages helps me keep things straight:

Add ":color" to the end of the first parameter, where "color" is any of the available colors.

You can change the color of some, but not all, of the Indicator Panel Advanced Overlays using this method. There are no drop down options available to do this.

This does not work for all Advanced Option Overlays. It seems to work only on those that have 1 parameter. Since Bollinger Bands have 2 parameters, it does not seem to work, unless someone experiments and figures out a way. ;)


  • Well, that is very cool. Just got a chance to try it out. I color-code time frames, so that's a useful tip. Thanks!
  • Neat Kevo. Thanks for sharing.
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