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Improving scan results

I am still getting used to scanning...
1)How can I eliminate OTC stocks in my scan results
2)In scan builder, it is defaulted to US stocks. However I still get London stocks in the output. How can I eliminate stocks listed from outside US
3)I feel like I am doing too many clicks to get to the results. I have few scans(~20) stored. I click on "Run Scan", then I "store" the results to chartlist and click on "CandleGlance". Is there a one click that takes me from scanning to viewing the charts?


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  • gordgord admin
    Answer ✓
    Yes just start slow, it does take a bit of work to learn scanning and the learning curve is never really over.

    The Default is just an example
    [type = stock]
    AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000]

    If you want only US stocks and not OTC stocks, just modify as follows;

    [type = stock]
    and [country is US]
    and [exchange is not OTCMKT]

    You could also save this intro as a scan, call it "My Default" and use it as your starting point every time you write a new scan.

    With respect to reducing a couple of mouse clicks, you could review the charts one at a time from the scan summary page, but it is faster to use the extra 2 mouse clicks, save to a list, then you can use the candleglance view. There is no way to review a list in candleglance without first saving that list.
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