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Why does my Customized Gallery View not display for the Chart List Gallery

I customized my Gallery View for the GalleryIntraday, GalleryDaily, and GalleryWeekly Charts. When I select Gallery View for an individual stock the customized Gallery View displays just fine. When I select Gallery for a chart list it reverts to the default Gallery View not my customized one. Is there a way to correct this issue?

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    Not sure why that should be happening. Mine works OK.

    One thought: are the charts in your list a mix of chart styles, or all one style?

    I'm thinking if they are a mix of styles, especially if they are "static" or a mix of time frames- they might not display in a custom gallery view. A static chart would be one where you selected a range of dates and then saved that view so it doesn't update everyday.

    Just a guess.


  • Thanks Mark. You got me thinking. I had a space in the name label for one of the Gallery charts and it must have caused the problem. Changed it and now it's working fine. Appreciate the input.
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