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How to scan for increasing yield?

In the Advanced Scan, there is a function for yield: [yield > 0]

My question is: How do I use it to scan for increasing yield?

I tried the following, but always receive an error message: Could not parse "YIELD" located in the clause "2 DAYS AGO YIELD < 0.1"

[type = stock] AND [exchange is NYSE]
AND [yield > 0]
AND [2 days ago yield < 0.1]
AND [3 days ago yield < 0.11]

Is there a way to scan for yield beyond its simplest operation?


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    I got the same results. But, I think you can get what you want a different way.

    Yield is dividend / close, so if the close is down, the yield must go up (and vice versa).

    So you can just scan for dividend > 0 and close < 1 day ago close and you should get stocks with increasing yield since yesterday.

    It looks like you cannot scan for what the yield actually was some time in the past - so you can't ask, did it yield 3% a month ago and 4% today.

    But, if you know what level of yield you want today, you can scan for that, and then scan for a higher close - say 20 days ago - close > 20 days ago close * 1.1 - in other words, price was 10% higher a month ago. You'd have to figure out how much higher it would have to have been to be getting x% then.
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