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Hi, I,m from Belgium, nice to meet You,

I made a chartlist of scans (, with the intention to find stocks which show me candidates for Bullish divergences between prices and the MACD-Histogram on the weekly charts. This gives good results but I have a question:

When I use this chartlist and open the GALLERY-view to control the stocks quickly; I have only for those weekly charts the PPO (6,12,9) indicator and not the MACD- Hist (12,26,9). For example: take the ticker JBL (Jabil Circuit, Inc) and ond the right edge of the weekly PPO (6,12,9) indicator You, now, see a beauty of a bullish divergence. But if I plot the MACD-Histogram on the weekly for JBL, I see not that divergence at all.
My question now: Can I stay still using that PPO (6,12,9) indicator on the weekly's or, do I have to use the MACD-Histogram (12,26,9) for scanning the Bull-divergences? Thus: is PPO as good an reabily as the MACD-Hist for those divergences???
I hope You can understand the language I use.


  • Hi @JeanDam0 ,

    You cannot substitute PPO(6,12,9) for MACD Hist(12,26,9) - mainly because the parameters are not the same.

    But, you can change your Gallery chart style to include MACD Hist(12,26,9) instead of PPO(6,12,9).

    See this blog article from Chip:

    So, I think you want to create a chart style that includes the MACD Hist(12,26,9) and you want to name that chart style GalleryWeekly.

    - OR -

    If you want to use PPO for everything instead of MACD (a good idea), you could change your scan from MACD Hist(12,26,9) to PPO Hist(12,26,9) - note both indicators have the same parameters -12,26,9 - AND create the GalleryWeekly chart style with PPO Hist(12,26,9).

  • Hi, markd,
    Thanks a lot. I'll try to change the PPO in MACD with the same parameters and will find my true candidates sooner now.
    But I wonder why Stockcharts.come this PPO value as default in the Gallery view.

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