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High volume scan

I wonder if the scan that searches for high trading volumes:

and [volume > yesterday's sma(20,volume)*4]
and [close > yesterday's close]

can be modified so that stocks with high BUY volumes are identified and listed separately from those of high SELL volumes. In currently format the scan generates a list which includes both stock volume groups together.

Thank you.


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  • markdmarkd mod
    Accepted Answer
    I'm assuming you want to separate out symbols with high uptick volume or high down tick volume for all symbols that closed up on high volume.

    I'm not aware of an indicator that's available in the "Technical Indicators" drop down that you could include in a scan. But, I don't keep up with every new addition, so you might explore the options there and check Chart School to see what they do.

    Another approach might approximate the results you want - namely, to modify the scan to look for closes above and below the mid point of the days range (or some other threshold level). This approach depends on the assumption that if the uptick volume is greater, the close should be in the upper half (or third or quarter, etc.) of the bar, and vice versa.

    So, this would get everything closing above the midpoint:

    and [volume > yesterday's sma(20,volume)*4]
    and [close > yesterday's close]
    and [close > low + [ [high+low] * .5]]

    You could change the .5 to .67, .75, etc.

    For closes below the midpoint

    and [close < low + [ [high+low] * .5]]

    or .33, .25, etc.


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