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Candleglance charts

I know you can change the style of the candleglance charts..... is it possible to make the size of the candleglance chart larger?

Thanks in advance!


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    It seems if you change the chart size of your Candleglance style on the Chart Workbench, say from 700 to 2500, it does not affect the size of the chart on the Candleglance view page. But, if you add indicators - say from four indicator windows to six indicator windows, the size of the charts on the Candleglance view page does expand (gets longer, but not wider) to accommodate them all. The size of the bars and the text does not increase, however.

    In Candleglance view, it seems to work best to use fewer indicators - the one(s) that are most critical to your analysis - in other words, the top level screen(s) a stock has to pass for you to consider it. Then use your other chart styles to drill down if necessary on the candidates remaining after you delete the ones that don't pass.

    You can put any list into a temp list for screening by running a scan on a list - e.g.

    //begin scan

    [favorites list is ??]

    // end scan

    Get the favorites list number from the "Chart list" drop down on the advanced scan workbench page, or just click on the list and insert it.

    If anybody has had a different experience with chart sizing in CG view or another way to use CandleGlance effectively, chime in.
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    gordgord admin
    When reviewing charts in CG view they are generated in a width of 305 pixels, 30 charts at a time. As Markd said adding indicators will increase the height of the chart but not the width, thats standard.

    However you can use the zoom controls in your browser if you want to increase the size a little. In FireFox I use the control key with the scroll wheel on my mouse, or control key with the plus or minus keys.

    The other option is to view your charts in the 10 per page mode, or print mode, this will give you full sized charts.
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    The one thing i wish they Added is the ability to make moving average overlay on Wm% indicator.
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    Funny, you can do it for Just about every other Indicator.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    You can add a MA overlay to Williams %R on SharpCharts and on ACP.

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    you are right, you just can't Scan it as you can Similar Indicators
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    Try this.

    [group is sp500]

    and [Williams %R(14) > sma(20,Williams %R(14)) ]
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    Hmmm it does seem to be working now
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