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Chart Saving Problem.

Hey, guys. I divided my "Market Indexes" chart list into a two parts, weekly and daily. However when I annotate one of them (let's say daily) and save it, I can't save my weekly into a separate chart list. It automatically resaves it, and I loose my daily one. I will really appreciate all answers. Thanks.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2016
    I'm not sure I understand the problem exactly, but it sounds like you have two charts for the same symbol in one chart list, but with different time frames. I don't think this should be a problem, but maybe it is for some reason.

    I think the thing to do is have two lists - one for each time frame, i.e. a daily market indexes list, and a weekly market indexes list.

    If you want to be able to look at both charts, e.g. the daily $SPX and the weekly $SPX at the same time, you can open two browser windows and switch back and forth, or some/most/all browsers have add-ons that allow you to tile windows.
  • That is exactly the answer I was looking for. Will try to do it right now, and I really appreciate your time and help. Thanks
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