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Why are not my sector filters picking up stocks in their sector?

I am having trouble with filtering in my scan. I have a scan which filtered for only "and [group is sp500]" which today turned up the following stocks: AA (materials) and NEM (Materials, Gold Mining).
I then replaced that line with the following code.
"and [ [group is MaterialsSector] or [group is EnergySector] or [group is GeneralMining] or [group is GoldMining] ]"
Running the scan again yielded no results. Why did this modified scan still pick up AA and NEM, which were picked up by "and [group is sp500]"?

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  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2016 Answer ✓
    After market close, AA and NEM don't show up on either scan. There is also no overlap of any symbols for the alternate conditions - which doesn't mean anything.

    But, I wonder if you ran the scan in one instance for "as of last close" and in the other instance "as of last intraday update". I've noticed when I edit a scan that I've loaded as "as of last close", the "as of" changes to "last intraday update" EVEN THOUGH I did not want that to change (I think that's the default behavior of the Scan Criteria window, although it shouldn't be.)

    If you run the scan now (9/7 after market close) AS OF market close 9/6 (1 day ago), both symbols show up with either condition.


  • I'm not sure I understand the question:

    "Running the scan again yielded no results" - "Why did this modified scan still pick up AA and NEM"

    Did you get no results, or the same results by asking for specific sectors/groups?
  • So sorry. That was a typo. I meant to say "Why did this modified scan not pick up AA and NEM?".
    When I asked for specific sectors/groups I got no results. I was expecting to get AA and NEM.
  • Should work, unless you inadvertently modified something else.

    If you want, post the whole scan.
  • Here is the whole scan. Note line 3 was replaced with line 4 by commenting out line 3. Thanks for your help.

    [type is stock] and [close > 5] and [close < 500] and [country is US] // US stock $5-500
    and [Daily Volume > 1,000,000] and [sma(21, volume) > 1,000,000] // Ave Vol and current Vol > 1 million
    // and [group is sp500]
    and [ [group is MaterialsSector] or [group is EnergySector] or [group is GeneralMining] or [group is GoldMining] ]
    // Find stock w/ strength (rising LC21) & have hi, lo or close w/in 1ATR of recent max LC21or K21 has been <20
    and [max(5, Lower Price Chan(21)) > 10 days ago min(10, Lower Price Chan(21))] // LC 21 is rising
    and [ [min(5, Fast Stoch %K(21,1)) < 20] // begin OR statement, K21 has been below 20
    or [ absval( high - max(5, Lower Price Chan(21))) < ATR(5) ] // high is within 1 ATR above or below LC21
    or [ absval(low - max(5, Lower Price Chan(21))) < ATR(5) ] ] // low w/in 1 ATR above/below LC21, end OR stmnt
    and [AccDist > yesterday's AccDist]
    and [close > sma(50, close)] // today's close is above 50 MA
    and [sma(50,close) > 10 days ago sma(50, close)] // 50 MA is rising
    and [sma(200, close) > 21 days ago sma(200,close)] // 200 MA is rising
    and [sma(50,close) > sma(200, close)] // 50 MA is above the 200 MA today
    and [21 days ago sma(50,close) - 21 days ago sma(200, close) > 0] // 50 MA was above 200 MA a month ago
    // 50d more above 200d today than month ago
    and [sma(50, close) - sma(200,close) > 21 days ago sma(50,close) - 21 days ago sma(200,close)]
    // end scan
  • Thanks. I am pretty sure that is exactly what I did. I know to watch for that now. Thanks again for great help.
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