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Does anyone have any scans for flags on the daily time frame. Thanks in advance


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    Played around for a while and came up with this. Not great, but might generate some ideas from you or others:

    and [10 days ago min(5, Fast Stoch %K(21,1)) < 20]

    and [ 5 days ago max(5, Fast Stoch %K (21,1)) > 80]

    and [Fast Stoch %K(21,1) < 80]

    Stochastic is a way to tell where price has been in its range. So this says, somewhere between 10 and 15 days ago, price was in the lowest 20% of its 21 day range; then within the last 5 to 10 days it was in the upper 80% of its 21 day range (so in at least some of the hits there should be a pretty good rally - which is the flag pole); and in the past five days price has dropped below the 80% level, which may be the beginning of a flag.
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    Not to toot my own horn but I post Flags 5x a week ►►►
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    Yes i am aware Sharp and appreciate your efforts to supply to others, but would be nice to also have other criteria to add in conjunction with the flags.
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    I kinda think that is a personal preference...Some ppl like the pattern but only on stocks that have strong fundamentals...others may like the pattern and then watch the indicators they prefer. I like stocks w/ strong fundies but I trade them on technicals...My Fave 3 indicators are SLO STO 5,3...TRIX 5,2...ADX 7.

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    Concur Sharp guess it would be easier to just stay with a solid watch-list and flip thru the charts than to try to obtain any information here.
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    Thanks for listing some criteria and your willingness to share. As you an tell, not getting much in the way of feedback and i appreciate your efforts to help and share.
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    [type is stock] and [close > 5] and [volume > 100000] and [sma(5,range) > close * 0.01]
    and [RSI(14) > 60.0] and [RSI(14) < 80.0]
    and [Stoch RSI(5) < 0.3]
    and [min(5,low) > Middle Price Chan(20)]
    and [high < Upper Price Chan(20)]
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    Thanks for taking the time to respond. After all that is what this forum is for . Thanks
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