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ACP Demo - First Impressions?

Just gave the demo of the upcoming new ACP chart features a test drive. It seemed pretty much the same functionality as an old program (MotiveWave) I used to use before migrating to Stockcharts. I found that because I could not enter my own ticker symbol, it was fairly limiting in terms of using it to compare to some of my existing charts. Wonder is anyone else has any impressions?


  • I would expect the limitation on entering symbols is only for the demo. Probably the real thing will allow you enter a symbol, or choose from a much larger selection of symbols.

    I like the zoom-in/out feature - much faster than the select start/end date tool.

    But for myself, I'm disappointed I can't re-create my main chart style. The indicator selection is somewhat limited, and doesn't include ANYTHING that I would rely on (RS - meaning ratio symbols in the Price-Performance indicator), price channels of different lengths, and Force with custom parameters. It does have Fast Stochastics, but it seems you can't overlay different time frames (to save real estate, and to see when they converge), and you can't get rid of the signal line (which is clutter for me).

    I'm sure the rollout version is oriented to the widest possible audience, which makes sense. I certainly hope it will attract and retain subscribers. But it won't fit my needs until the feature set is enriched to introduce the apparently less popular indicators and allow more customization. Nevertheless, I'm encouraged that Stockcharts is keen on advancing state-of-the-art charting.
  • The # Charts option looks interesting. Similar to the "Flexible Grid" on ThinkorSwim. Could be an easier way to work with the "Gallery View" in some instances.

    I concur with @markd, I use the Chande Trend Meter and the Chandelier Exits indicators. Currently not showing in the list.

    Should be interesting to see in real life. I'm amazed how StockCharts continues to "improve" their offerings over time. The best just keeps getting better. Hopefully they will look at improving their Point and Figure options. They have plenty of "suggestions" from me.

  • Is there an easy way to create an ACP chart from some of SharpCharts saved in my Chartlist, with the same parameters, indicators, etc?
  • I think if you open the ChartList icon in the right side column slideout. Click on SharpCharts button at the top. Your chartlists should be a dropdown in there.

    load a chart from your list by clicking on the symbol, it should load the same parameters, if those studies and indicators are available in ACP.

    My favorite chartstyle is Point and Figure. I use a Renko Chart as my default chartstyle. Most of my lists are in Renko, or PnF or weekly or monthly charts. Renko and PnF are not supported in ACP so i get it auto changed to a line style in ACP but with my indicators on it. Of course, on my default charts I have the RS Price Performance on my style. ACP is very hit and miss on recognizing a ratio symbol.

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