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Custom Chart Indicators and/or TTM Squeeze on StockCharts

Hi there, I have searched to no avail but apparently I am the one or I am completely missing something.

I would like to find an equivalent to the TTM Squeeze found on other sites (ThinkorSwim for example) on either Stock Charts or Etrade. If not, then is there not a way to create Custom chart indicators via these two sites?


P.s. TTM Squeeze = BB Bands / Keltner / Momentum mixed.


  • markdmarkd mod
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    Here's a link to an Arthur Hill article from a couple of years ago:

    P.S. Sorry, I misread this, but it may be interesting anyway.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    I typed in TTM Squeeze in the Search box on this forum. It had several threads on the topic.

    It doesn't appear that you can have the Squeeze indicator like you can have at TOS or other sites, but in one of those threads, that I found by typing in TTM Squeeze in the Search box in the upper right of this forum I found a TTM Squeeze code for use in the scanner.

    The TTM Squeeze uses 1.5 on the Keltner Channel, if the ThinkorSwim TTM Squeeze indicator is correct.

    So for Daily squeeze

    and [Upper BB(20,2) <= Upper Kelt Chan(20,1.5,10)]
    and [Lower BB(20,2) >= Lower Kelt Chan(20,1.5,10)]

    For Weekly squeeze

    and [weekly Upper BB(20,2) <= weekly Upper Kelt Chan(20,1.5,10)]
    and [weekly Lower BB(20,2) >= weekly Lower Kelt Chan(20,1.5,10)]

    For monthly Squeeze,

    and [monthly Upper BB(20,2) <= monthly Upper Kelt Chan(20,1.5,10)]
    and [monthly Lower BB(20,2) >= monthly Lower Kelt Chan(20,1.5,10)]

    I'd shorten up the 'monthly' periods but that is a personal preference thing. On ThinkorSwim they also offer quarterly charts. Same principal on the squeeze, but I'd shorten up the period again. 20 quarters or 20 months is certainly an indicator of long term consolidation, but, probably better to use shorter period for actionable situations, if so desired.

    The scan should show you the stocks that are in the Squeeze.
  • Is it possible to code for an intraday (e.g. hourly squeeze)? I don't use TOS, but from what I've seen of others charts using the TTM squeeze indicator, it allows that.
  • Stockcharts doesn't accommodate scanning for time frame less than daily. You can scan daily indicators intraday, though, if that helps.
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