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Question, is there any way to show how much volume was a buy or sell on volume bars? I use macd and can see by the bars which way its going but was wondering is there is away to separate buys verses sells on each induvial volume bar?


  • I haven't seen that on Stockcharts. I have a feeling I've seen it elsewhere but I can't recall where. It would a bar with three stacked sections - total volume on up ticks, total volume on down ticks, and total volume no tick change. Or, they might add no change to the last tick type - up tick or down tick. Might be worth a google search if you have time.
  • Wouldn't it be a good thing if stock charts would install something like that. thx Markd
  • Isn't the volume bar color determined by price action?
  • @lmkwin , yes, but what he's saying is, you don't know how much was buying and how much was selling, only the total volume. You know the net result was an up close or down close, but how much volume did it take to get that close.
  • Interesting vs useful information is always on my mind. Maybe using the Volume by Price overlay and using a very small time frame in combination with the Arms CandleVolume or one of those may provide some information along those lines. Or the Force (1).

    I always thank God, I'm not a trader.
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