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Why the screened list misses most columns in landscape printing ?

When I Preview the scan list in landscape mode only fewer columns are shown.
How to fix this problem in FireFox broweser?


  • In your Print settings there should be a Scaling setting. On my settings I have 2 options. Default, and Custom. If your settings show differently, look for the Custom or the option to change the scaling from Default. You will need to reduce the scaling to fit the columns to the page.

    Another option is to Export your scan results to a CSV. Then you can view them in spreadsheet format and print from there if you need to.
  • The scaling in print preview does not have adjust the number of columns shown.

    In portrait mode I see all columns and I do as you have mentioned. In land scape mode Stockcharts limits the number of columns shown.
  • I have Firefox, and landscape displays all columns for scan results. Same for favorites lists in summary view.

    It's in landscape when "landscape" is highlighted in blue in the print dialog. When "portrait" is in blue, not all the columns display.

    It may be your printer. Mine is a Laserjet 1320. You could see if changing settings on the printer makes a difference - click on "print using the system dialog.."

  • First thanks to all the folks who took time to comment on the problem i am experiencing.

    It is StockCharts service is going bad and bad. They allocate all the resources to reinvent the wheel from scratch, while the old most favorite is becoming not user friendly.

    I am member of this service for more than 12 years. This service worked very well with Internet explorer. I think it still does that way.

    But users are prferring most safer browsers like FirFox.

    Until a few months back I did not have any in the print preview and printing in portrait or landscape mode. I have the same printer. No change on my side.

    They should take this matter seriously and make the screener results list more user friendly in terms of viewing and printing.
    Volume is more important than the Exchange.

    In print preview, unless one scale down it too small the volume column is left out. They should interchange the exchange and the volume column.

    I often used to print it lanscape mode. Now the scape mode is not working.
    This happens both in FireFox, Chrome. and also MS Edge.
    But it wokrs ok in Internet Explorer. So it is not the printer problem. It is the browser. This people did not design the web site to properly work with these latest browsers design format.

    I have so many other negative comments but do not want to spit them out now. One of them is; In annotation page the trend lines are not drawen from the point where the mouse is clicked. It starts from some other place. So I could not draw simple trend lines.

    For those who are not using Chareless Schwab brokerage, they try it and set their Street Smart Edge. That is very beautiful.

    It is just laziness to login there.Sooner I am going to get out of this service and save $300 per year and use only SSedge.

    In all those 12 years I have set up > 150 scan list. But only one is good enough. So I do not need to worry about the scans

    We read in the news Cathy Wood, does much better job of picking the momentum stocks. Her ETF ARKK moves much faster than any stock Arther Hill recommends.
    So the Blog posters are almost out dated.

    Now option trading is the fashion. This service does not help for it. Except the chart viewing what else is useful active traders like me.

    Thanks for reading.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2021
    As you can see from the screen capture below, landscape print preview of scan results in Firefox shows all columns

  • I have noticed that StockCharts is now censoring or better put, not allowing, any comments on many of the blog articles. Even though they have Comments sections, StockCharts reviews the comments prior to posting them and I haven't had one get through in a while.

    I find the blogs that interest me, very timely. The ones that align with my style or thinking are very informative.
    Being a longer term investor and not a trader, I don't need a daily message or "insights" of what did this person buy or sell today or yesterday.

    When TD Ameritrade finally consolidates to Schwab, I'll check out StreetSmarts. I currently use TOS. I don't think StreetSmarts will be an upgrade but who knows. I've try to keep an open mind to a wide range of possibilities.

    @Newpal You may be able to cancel your subscription with StockCharts get a refund of unused time. You may want to inquire at
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2021
    Also, I find the Annotation tool for trend lines draws from exactly the center of the "+" cursor on a Sharpchart.

    On ACP, the trend line tool "snaps" to the nearest vertical time interval, e.g. 11:05 on a 5 minute chart, so you cannot start a trend line between time intervals. So, you should still be able draw any trend line you want, but you just have to start it from a time interval vertical to intersect the starting point you want. I don't know why they chose to do it this way - it may be a limitation of "interactive" internet programming software. Stockcharts does not load any software onto your computer - the "client" - whereas TOS and probably Street Smart do. The client solution is much more flexible, but it may be harder (require more expensive resources) to maintain.
  • Another suggestion - you may want to see if there is an update for your printer driver. This is suggested by the fact that your printer works OK with Internet Explorer, but not Edge, Chrome or Firefox which are newer.
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