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Chart list in ACP

I would like to be able to save a chart style in ACP for the chart list at once, instead of saving each chart, is this possible ? I also want to know if it is possible to scan for various Pugin attributes ? Is it possible to use ACP Plugins in Sharp Charts


  • You have a saved chartstyle in ACP. Then go to your chartlist in ACP. At the bottom of the chartlist click on the Edit button (the Pencil). This will open the chartlist below the chart on the screen. Click on the checkbox icon at the bottom of that panel to select all the symbols in the chartlist. Then click on the Paintbrush Icon and select the chartstyle you want to apply. Then hit the X in the upper corner of that lower panel. You should have just changed the chartstyle for that ACP chartlist.

    As to scanning, none of the ACP Plugins are in the Advanced Scan workbench so you can't use them for scanning. ACP Plugins are ACP only. Scanning isn't part of ACP other than you can run your existing scans, or create a new scan, but you can only add/change/delete Scans in the SharpCharts system's Advanced Workbench.

  • Thanks form the help
  • Scanning isn't part of ACP other than you can run your existing scans,

    Does this only apply to SharpCharts? I get the impression that you cannot create a scan and run it on an ACP Chartlist?
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    I get that impression also.
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