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How to make a HI/LO swing trading band?

How does one make a visual overlay of a 5sma of high and lows?

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  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited November 2021 Answer ✓
    put the SMA on the chart. In the Parameters field fill in 5,H for the moving average of the highs and add another SMA with 5,L as the parameter for the MA of the lows.

    If you like that view, you can save the format of the chart by clicking on the Add New next to the ChartStyles line at the bottom of the chart.

    Give it a name and save. Now it will be in the dropdown list for the ChartStyles. If you want to have it show as a box in the left side of the chart for quick access, give it a number.

    To add or change the chartstyle, you would use the Replace option and select the saved chartstyle you want to overwrite with the current displayed chart.


  • Thank you lmkwin....that is exactly what I need. You are a genius.
    I also see that one can add another comma after the H or L to offset by one (or more) day(s)...(5,H,-1).
    Is there a page which shows all such available parameters? or are the parameters different for different indicators?
  • Thank you.
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