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Does automated daily update exist in the “Select Start/End Range" mode (Chart Attributes)?


several of my charts set up in the “Select Start/End" Range don’t update daily. They get "froze" on data from last time (day) of viewing and updating them. Updates require sliding a range bar to “Today” position in the “End” box (whatever day it is) and “Save”.
The attached picture shows my problem: as of today January 14, when I am writing this message, the subject chart shows data from two days ago. And unless I go “manually” through the update (as mentioned above) it won’t show the current data.

Hence, is there any way to automatically update the “Select Start/End Range" mode that I don’t know?

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  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2022
    No, there isn't. The purpose of the "select start/end" option is to "freeze" a chart you want to refer to over time. (For instance, if you were exploring seasonality, you might have a list of charts for a stock or index for Jan - Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec for several years. You wouldn't want those to keep updating.)

    But, if you want a chart to include a custom number of bars (for instance, I use 9 months, which is not a "built in" length), you can use the "Predefined Range" option and select the number of Years, Months, Days, Extra Bars combination that suits your needs. Then save that either as a new style or with "Edit Properties|Save" on your current style (when you save you can also assign a button).

    This option will advance your chart automatically - from both ends. If you want to keep the start date but advance the end date, you have to do that manually.
  • @Chris2005 I assume you are talking about a chartlist and you are changing the settings on charts in the lists and then Save that new date range to the list.

    When you select the Start/End date option it fills in a year ago as the start date and (today) as the end date. If you select a different start or end date it will update to that Start/End date range. If you are saving the chart, it will save the chart into the chartlist with those settings.

    To get back to the current date being the End date type (today) into the End date. Click Update. Then Save and your chart should have a "frozen" Start date that shows the current date data as the End.

    You could also just change the Range setting by clicking the dropdown and picking any of the other predefined options there and update. Then click back to the Start/End option and leave the End Date alone and Save.

  • @lmkwin - thanks. I stand corrected. I was not aware of the "today" option.

    So, if I understand you correctly, it IS possible to have a chart that keeps the original start date and just adds bars automatically with each daily update?
  • Yes, that is the default setting for that option. You can "anchor" a chart this way. Unfortunately there is no indication on the chart you added this to and 'saved' that you are using a specific static start period in the time frame settings so you can't tell at a glance.

    So you may start out with a 1 year chart and 4 months later it's a 16 month chart.

    I use this feature on some of my Indicator Charts of Interest chartlist and use topping and bottoming periods, like 2007 and 2009 on the charts to refresh myself on what a top and bottom period looks like. Or set perf charts for the sectors or markets of interest from major reversals, like 2015/16, etc.
  • Thank you very much markd and Imkwin for your input.
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