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Multiple Days Down Alert

Hello! Can someone advise me on how to create either a scan or an alert when when of my chartlists has a symbol in it that has been down more than 5 days in a row?



  • For a scan, this seems to do it:

    [ put your list here]

    and [max(6,ROC(1)) < 0]
  • thank you!!!!
  • There is also the Streak Up and Streak Down functions in the technical indicators that can be used for consecutive periods. Like 5 days in a row.

    There is the Count Up and Count Down functions that can be used to find a number of Ups or Downs in a given period. Like Up 15 periods in the last 25 periods.
  • I'd be very interested in how to do something like 15 out of 20 up etc. Do you have an example that I'd be able to use? Thanks!
  • In the Advanced Scan filter options. Technical Indicators drop down. The Counts use a period and an indicator ("25,close" in this example) followed by the requirement (">=15").

    "and [Count Up(25, close) >= 15]"

    The Streak only looks at consecutive occurrences of the indicator followed by the requirement

    "and [Streak Up(close) > 5]"

    You can put other indicators instead of close if you like.
  • thank you very much for this!
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