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Where on this forum can I find discussions of Point and Figure charts?

I am studying Point and Figure Charting. I would like to view and participate in discussions regarding Point and Figure Charts related to strategies, education, and groups focused on Point and Figure charts.

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    @lmkwin uses P&F, so maybe he will chime in.

    You could try the search window at the top left to find questions that mention P&F. Try a variety of plausible terms "p&f", "point and figure", etc.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    As far as discussion groups, I only know of two. One is on the Dorsey Wright website You have to be a member, but that site is PnF centric with a wealth of old timers and new comers on its message boards. The other would be right here on this forum, where it's free but not a lot of participation I guess. I guess that the Trading Strategies category on this site would be an appropriate forum.

    As far as education, once again, DWA has plenty of educational material. StockCharts also has a very thorough group of articles in it's ChartSchool. Basically covering both DuPlessis and Dorsey "teachings".

    There is a site called Investors Intelligence that purchased the old Chartcraft assets. Chartcraft was a great service (before my time in Pnf) that featured some of the most outstanding pioneers in point and figure analysis. The 3 box reversal method and the NYSE Bullish Percents were developed by A.W. Cohen, the founder of Chartcraft. His proteges Earl Blumenthal, who enhanced the bullish percents and identified a several "new" PnF patterns and Mike Burke, a renowned PnF commentator and identified the Low Pole pattern, built on his foundation.

    The best books, in my opinion, are from Jeremy DuPlessis, each one building on the prior so study the later editions. After you have a basic understanding, a book that changed my PnFing is an out of print one called Dynamic Trend Line Charting by Howard Prenzel. Another really good book is Asset Allocation Techniques and Financial Market Timing By Carroll D. Aby Jr., Donald E. Vaughn

    I don't recommend any of Tom Dorsey's books.

    I developed my Dynamic CSS Pattern from combining the principles of Dynamic Trend Line Charting with the CSS Strategy. The CSS Strategy was shared on the DWA message board by renowned financial advisor Brian Randall. I actually met him once in person. Great to meet people enthusiastic about PnF.

    I maintain a Public ChartList on StockCharts. It's the only one in the Point and Figure category. You can subscribe or follow that one for ideas of what I look for and use. Using the Feedback button on that list sends me an email. I also maintain several portfolios on DWA that are shared to interested parties on that site. I correspond with a number of PnFer's via email both the ChartList feedback and from DWA.

    Hope this helps? All the best to you for wanting to learn PnF. It's like learning a new language, and takes time, effort and patience to become fluent. I've been a student since 2009.

  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    Actually I missed LinkedIn. There are 3 point and figure groups on there. Not very active or with not much participation. On one of the LinkedIn groups, Jeremy DuPlessis is most active. He makes his money in the energy trading business so most of his posts are related to the energy markets as well as European markets.

    The 2nd PnF group is much less active and mostly Tom Dorsey posting links to interviews of him.

    The 3rd is a group called CSS for Point and Figure which I started. Very low participation there as well so I let it slide into hibernation. I think that LinkedIn is a very tough forum to use for discussion so that's why it doesn't work well, unless you are selling something.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    Was another thread on this board where I talked a little about how I use PnF


  • Dear lmkwin,
    My heartfelt thanks to you for your most generous response to my question regarding Point and Figure charts. You have freely provided me with a great deal of information which will keep me busy for some time.
    I appreciate your efforts. I am on my way to your Public ChartList , which I feel is a step in the right direction.
  • Thank you, markd, as well for the clues to find information regarding Point and Figure Charts on s.c.a.n.
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