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auto-renew on monthly basis

My subscription is about to expire. If I opt for monthly subscription at $24.95 which is automatically renewed each month and then later extend my subscription for one year (12 months), will I be double billed or will the monthly AUTO-RENEW drop off?


  • I've never had a problem with billing, although I've never done what you are thinking of. My guess is it would NOT double-bill you, but you could try clicking on Help and sending the question to Support.
  • I have sent the question to support three (3) times to no avail. They do not answer my question!
  • Does anyone know the Email address for Chip Anderson?
  • What if you cancel auto-renew, then sign up for one year?
  • There is no way shown to cancel auto renew for $24.95 on a monthly basis.
  • In your Auto Renew Preferences, it's the last option on the page. Cancel Auto Renew
  • The last option on the page is "Cancel Your Account". Not a good option since all data lost.
  • Turn Off Auto Renew is not the same as Cancel your Account. Cancel your account is an option on your main Account page.
  • Several years I cancelled my account and later renewed. They were able to restore my lists.
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