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How to add SMA to RSI?

Hi. I'm totally new to charting and am working my way through the article "Capturing Mean-Reversion Signals and Trend Direction with One Indicator - Facebook Example". I've created the top chart and the bottom RSI(10) chart as shown in the article. However, at one point the author says, "So how do we quantify the trend? Simple. Just open the advance indicator settings on SharpCharts and add a 65-day SMA to RSI, which is around three months.". How do you overlay a 65-day SMA on top of the RSI chart as he does? The author says to open the advance indicator settings but I don't see them. Are they invisible because I only have a Basic paid account? I tried to add a second SMA indicator in the Indicator section below my RSI indicator but the pulldown menu (Accum/Distribution Line, Aroon, etc.) doesn't contain an SMA indicator. Thanks!


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2019
    I think you are right. The Basic plan does not include the advanced options for indicators or overlays.

    If it did, your chart workbench would look something like this with advanced options icon:

    and here's what it looks like opened up. I use mostly moving averages, but for Indicators there are 19 options, like Bollinger Bands, Price Channels, MA envelopes, Slope, etc. For overlays, you just get more control over appearance.

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    Thanks for your reply markd. Actually, shortly after I left my question (and after a lot of staring at the screen), I realized that there is an Overlay pulldown menu over to the right in my Indicators section that contains a Simple Moving Average option and I was able to get the SMA I was looking for.

    I couldn't quite get it to look the same as in the article with respect to the graph's colors so perhaps I do need the more expensive service level to get additional color options. I'll have to play around with it a little more and see.

    Being a new member, this is the first article I've read. I'm hoping that perhaps article authors note in their article when they're using a feature that's only available in the Extra or Pro service levels.

    Thanks again for your help!
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    You may be able to specify the color of the SMA line in the parameter window with the notation ":color", e.g 21:red.
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    Sometimes, if you click on the Chart in the article, it will open up in the Chart window so you can see the settings that the chart is based on. Art's Charts are usually "linked". Try it.
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    The FB chart in that article is linked. If you double click on it, it will open in the chart workbench. You can use the Add New in the ChartStyles line to save this style if you like it. You can even make it a "default" style for you using that Save As Default link on that same line.
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