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SCTR scan code needed for score results 90 - 100

I want to create a scan that will create a watch file of small cap stocks with an SCTR score of 90 to 100. Can anyone tell me what the scan code language would be to generate that scan? And also what drop down selections?




  • markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2019
    In the Price, Volume and SCTRs drop down, just select SCTR.small and click Add. That puts the appropriate code in the scan writing window. Then change the "90" to 89.
  • Thanks for your message. That works. I am now running a scan for SCTR scores on the short side from 0 to 10 which is easy now too. But I only want stocks that are 2 million or higher in trade volume from 0 to 10 SCTR. I have tried to program for greater than 2 million in volume and tried to find readings on this but still not successful. Can you help on this please?



  • Volume is also an option you can select in the Price, Volume and SCTRs drop down, and then edit for your requirements (change 9,999,999 to 2,000,000.

    You may want to use average volume instead. If so, select "SMA" from the Technical Indicators drop down and edit for length (maybe 21 instead of 50), and then 2,000,000 again for volume.

    You will find many useful scans you can copy from here:

    Scanning documentation and tutorials are here:

    Learning takes a little time, but well worth it.
  • Markd, I don't know if you got this message or not. If you did I apologize for the duplicate. I am trying to write a scan or alert that says the following: search for only those symbols that have a 90 - 100 sctr and where the ema 20 has crossed above the 55 ema. Both of these indicator conditions are to be within 5 trade days of each other.

    Can you help me to write that?

    And should this be written into a scan or as an alert?



  • I don't see a reason to do this as an alert, unless you want to use it as a trigger to enter a trade right away. Otherwise a nightly scan should be sufficient.

    Also, I'm assuming you would run this scan daily. If so, you don't need the "within 5 days" condition. If you run the scan daily, you will catch the crossover and can save the scan results for review. If you use the within 5 days condition, you will get alot of duplicate results from one scan to the next.

    So the crossover operator is "x" and it means the term on the left crosses above the term on the right. For instance,

    and [ema(20, close) x ema(55, close)]

    If you want to scan for the 20 crossing BELOW the 55, you would reverse the terms:

    and [ema(55,close) x ema(20,close)]

    So you have to think of it as the 55 crossing above the 20, even though the 20 is moving faster so really it is the one doing the crossing.

    If you want to run the scan only once a week, you could test for ema 20 greater than ema55 today and 5 days ago ema 20 less than 5 days ago ema 55. That allows for a crossover occurring on any of those 5 days.
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