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Is it possible to change the PnF parameters on your Stockcharts Alerts?

I believe ( but, I am not sure ) that, when you have a PnF alert, you are given the results from the "Traditional" PnF parameters.

Can your Alert be configured to give you the "Percentage" or the "User Defined" parameters?


  • I believe that the system only recognizes traditional scale patterns and prices.

    Maybe shoot the question over to Support at for a definitive answer.

  • I did ask the question, but have not received a response. I'll ask again.

    Do you use the Traditional, Percentage or ATR, Chart Scaling Method for getting in and out of stocks?
  • Personally, I use the Traditional scale, Daily High/Low for identifying a pattern that I follow called a Dynamic CSS Pattern. I will then make "decisions" by consulting the % scaling charts. I usually use 3%x2 or 3.5x2 and both High/Low and Close Only. Close Only is a tremendous noise reducer.

    ATR scaling is an interesting idea as it allows current volatility to be considered to a certain degree, but I don't use it as it distorts the appearance of the overall chart. I find adding SMA lines is a better way for me to see when things are moving up or down in an extreme manner or not.

  • StockCharts ChartSchool did not have any information or explanation of the Dynamic CSS Pattern.

    Is there a good resource to get a handle on this concept?

  • If you type in Dynamic CSS Pattern in the Search box on this forum, it should come up with a few threads where I discussed it. If you have questions after reading them, please ask. I enjoy talking PnF.

  • Many Thanks, Imkwin!

    Do you still maintain your Public Chartlists on Scan.Stockcharts?
  • @SCAlchemist, yes I do.
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