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A Question about slope

Hi there
1. What does the &gt mean in this clause? i came across it while looking for help! and [ Slope(200, sma(200,close)) > 0 ]

2. Can i have help with a scan: I want to scan for stocks crossing up with MACD against the SPY, not just normal cross, but crossing up relative to another security. Can you help?

Best regards


  • 1 I don't see where &gt shows up in the Slope clause.

    2 I don't know what you mean by "relative to another security". MACD is calculated from the closing prices of a single security. If yo wanted something like a MACD of differences between two securities, you would have to calculate that on a spreadsheet from downloaded data to make a user-defined index (UDI), then upload it. Pretty complicated and time consuming.
  • The &gt: is a bug in the search window that translates the > symbol to &gt:. You'll note that the &gt doesn't appear in the actual posting in the forum, only the search results.

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