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Generating a list of next earnings reports for a chart list

So I have a list of 60 stocks and I would like to generate a matching list of the dates of the next earnings reports. Anyone know how?


  • As far as I know you can't do it as a report (at least not yet). I don't see any items in the drop downs on the advanced scan workbench that refer to earnings date.

    But, the new "Symbol Summary" feature does show the last and next earnings date for a symbol. The next earnings date is sometimes followed by as series of letters in parenthesis, e.g. 4/20/2020 (AMC). No idea what the letters represent. Some data services guesstimate the "next earnings date" based on past dates, .e.g. second Tuesday of first month after the quarter closes, then update the guess when the company actually announces the next earnings date. So (AMC) may be the source of the guesstimate.

    So, you could update the names of the charts in your chart list with the (guesstimated) earnings dates , e.g. 2020 04 20 IBM and the charts would sort by earnings date. A bit of work, but as far as I know, the closest thing to what you want.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    AMC stands for after the market close and BMO represents before the market open.
  • problem solved! Tx @lmkwin
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