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i get only 1 intraday alert

Hello, i hope somebody can help me, my service level is Extra.

I set an advanced alert:

[[today's high - close] / today's high > 0.2]
and [Volume * close > 99,999] and [ close > 0.2 ] and [type=stock]

so it should send me alerts every time a stock goes down 20% from the day high. And i set the alert to: continuously all day and automatically continue alert via email (NOT pause)

But i get only 1 time an alert in the morning even though later more stocks fit the criteria - that i can see when i run this setup as a scan for example

Why do i only get 1 email alert although it should send more alerts with other stocks continuously all day?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2021
    I'm just guessing, because I don't use alerts, but your scan doesn't specify what stocks to look at. I'm guessing alerts don't accommodate all stocks on all exchanges by default - it may take up too much processing time and generate too much traffic, and more than the user could use. Again, I'm guessing.

    Try it with different universes - [group is sp500], or maybe [group is EnergySector], or select a favorites list, etc., or, maybe [exchange is NASD]

    The universe statement should be the first line of your scan so it will run more efficiently.

    Also, does [close > 0.2] mean close less than 20 cents? No problem if it does, just checking.

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    Helpful Link on how Alerts are processed. Also, in the Alerts Processing section is a link to Scan Speed, and how to create your scans and alerts in a processing efficient manner.
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