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how do you set up a price alert on a ticker relative to an ETF?

for example, how do you set up an alert for amzn:xly? if amzn:xly is over xxxx, then i can get an alert. i tried to use price alert, but the price alert only allows for one ticker, not for comparing two tickers. then i tried advanced alert, but i got lost trying to navigate the advanced alert section. Thanks a lot!!


  • Unfortunately, alerts and scans do not recognize the ratio symbol (abc:xyz). Only the charts use it.

    There have been many questions about ratio symbols and scanning on this forum, showing there is considerable demand for this feature, but so far, no enhancement.

    I would suggest you contact support and tell them you want this feature. If enough of us do it, maybe it will happen.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    You know, every time someone posts a question like this it makes me think.

    I don't know if this would work, and it certainly wouldn't be EXACTLY what you are looking for @kka.

    how about something like this?

    [[symbol = 'ABC'] and [PctRelative(20,XYZ) x 0]]

    In a Scan, it does produce results. Putting the PctRelative also in a Rank By statement does show the values.

    I used this in my scan "test"

    and [name contains 'D']
    and [PctRelative(20,$spx) x 0]

    Rank by [PctRelative(20,$spx)]

    @kka, the Advanced Alert section is pretty much EXACTLY like the Advanced Scan Workbench. All of the buttons, dropdowns, and the like are very similar.

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