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Scan Name

edited July 2021 in Scanning
When I create chartlist I name it. One name is Bull 0001 f. When I try to scan for conditions within that list it asks for a scan name, so I but in Bull 0001 f.
My scan includes the expression "and [favorites list is Bull 0001 f]" The error message refers to this as an invalid expression. I believe there's a list number I'm supposed to use, but I cannot find such a thing anywhere. What's my problem? Thanks in advance.


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    In the scan workbench, a dropdown at the bottom of the options is Chartlists. Use the Dropdown to select your list and it will fill in the data appropriately

    and [favorites list is 88] // 0 0 !INDICATOR Charts of Interest

    It uses your List number as the name and puts the // in to tell you the name of your list.

  • @lmkwin 's method is the best way to specify a chart list in your scan. In the past, I have had problems typing out the list number/name instead of selecting it from the drop down. It may be fixed now, but the scan engine sometimes seemed to have a problem recognizing a typed out chart list name.
  • Thanks to both. I recalled before the responses came in so haven't come back, & I have the appropriate chartlists included in many saved scans. So, in my 70's, I occasionally (or more) draw blanks on things I should know. I came in to see if I could provide any useful answers to questions, and up came my question.
    So I wanted to say thank you. For people coming in here, you provide a very valuable resource.
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