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I didn't see a category for Alerts but I'll ask anyway. Today, I tried to set up some alerts for my scans. I set them up twice, once to recieve the alert via text message and as a back up, once again via an email. I have already received two alerts today but I only received the text alerts and did not receive an alert via email even though it says that it did alert me via email. Any idea why I didn't get both email and text alerts?


  • I don't have any set up with a dual delivery. Mine are all set to via Email so I have no exposure to the SMS notifications. That sounds like a request to support. Hopefully you get an answer.
  • I have asked them but they don't respond to anything any longer. Or, maybe something is wrong with my email. Anyway, thanks again.
  • @dhall6938 Check your Junk folder in your email. Some email providers can be arbitrary in what gets classified as junk.
  • I have checked it and have made sure that they have the correct email address, thanks
  • I get hit and miss on the support inquiries. I think it depends on the luck of the draw as to who is looking at the inquiry and what it is about. They have mostly new staff. I have no idea how big support staff is or how many inquiries they get.
  • Can I ask, how timely are your emailed alerts? Would you happen to know if they are sent within minutes of your scan picking a symbol every time, or maybe it's a little hit and miss from time to time?
  • I get a batch in the AM beginning of the trading day and a batch in the PM after the close. I don't get any during the trading day but I don't have any set to run hourly. I'm not a trader so not too concerned with pinpointing anything. I make my decisions using point and figure charts and also will review weekly and monthly sharpcharts.
  • My signals are EOD only because they don't provide inter day services or lower time frame scanning. I have learned this year that long entries work very well if I enter them during the day but my sell signals don't work very well at all if I act before the close. I have to take profits right after the close and entering a short signal is the same way. Price seems to jump up right at the close too often to trust a sell signal before the close. It's very hard to wait until the next day open because it almost always gaps against me. Still wrestling with a reliable and easy way to sell.
  • I should have gotten another email Alert this morning. It says that it alerted me two minutes after the open but I didn't get the email. I have checked my hunk folder and my email address. I have also written to SC but they have stopped all communications with me a long time ago. Would you fellas know how I might be able to find out why it's not working when SC won't respond?
  • If you have a second email address, change your email destination in SC and see if it makes a difference.
  • Thanks, I don't have another address. Maybe I'll create a new address and see. I have written to them again, we'll see I guess
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