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Recent IPO

I am looking for stocks that had their IPOs within the last year or last Xyears.
I have tried [250 weeks ago Weekly Close <= 0]
but figured that if the stock wasn't listed it would not show up
So I tried using a favorites list with stocks that met the criteria ;
[type = stock] AND [favorites list = 118] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 1] AND [250 weeks ago Weekly Close <= 0]
Still no luck.

Any suggestions on how to scan for stocks that are relatively new? (IPO within the last 15 years)


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited July 2022
    On the thread below there is some discussion along those lines.

    If you go to Data Adjustments in StockCharts they have a listing. Don't know if it's a complete listing but it is a listing. has an IPO filter in their screener that allows for a lot of options.

    IPOScoop is also an option.

    Google IPO in the last X days and see what else you may find.

    You can't scan for them at this time in StockCharts. You have to make a chartlist with the results you acquired and then run scans or alerts or reviews using that chartlist.

    Your scan won't work return any values as no securities have a 0 or less than 0 value. IF the security wasn't around it's value would be blank or null. You can't scan for blanks or nulls.

    One thing you could do is put that request as a Rank By in your scan.

    Rank by [250 weeks ago Weekly Close]

    This would sort your results in that order, descending.

    Rank by [250 weeks ago Weekly Close] ascending

    would put the results in ascending rank by value

    Blank values would appear at the top or the bottom of the results, grouped together
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