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Wishing to 'chat' with someone who uses TTM_wave on Think or Swim to discuss thoughts, ideas.

Have just started to use TTM_wave and find it very useful for short term direction. Any comments, suggestions, thoughts appreciated.


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    TTM is available on ACP although I think it works better on TOS
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    "available on ACP" ... means it is NOT AVAILABLE on the main StockCharts platform ........
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    @azb - could be coming. In this week's video, Grayson promised enhancements in the works for the legacy side. We'll see what they are.
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    Earnings History and Analysts Ratings are coming soon. It's said that on the Symbol Summary page for a while now. Soon must be coming to an end at some point.

    TTM Squeeze is on ACP. I didn't see TTM Wave on there, but I don't have any paid plug ins.
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    @Andy7 From what little info I can gather, the TTM Wave is a combo of MACD periods? I'm on TOS but don't use the wave. I'm not a short term trader.
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