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re: ACP



  • Original SC offers 8 colors. How difficult is it to add one more?
    Original SC offers approx. 40 indicators. How difficult is it to add one more?
    Original SC gallery view is working, but smoking, and needs an tune up. How difficult is it to do that?
    Original SC offers just a few chart types. How difficult is it to add just one more?

    Original SC MAY have it's software limits, but it is a proven rolling working wheel. What is going on, that they have decided to park a good rolling wheel, and instead carve out an entirely new wheel, from a solid stone block, starting from scratch? ..
  • No doubt business reasons are behind the development of ACP. Where the original Stockcharts was a tool for stock picking (and a great one), ACP looks like an attempt to get into the real-time trading market. But, if it is, it must be a stepping stone since the price updates are not a match for say, TOS. Maybe true streaming quotes are on the way. If instead it's a re-architecting of the site to accommodate plug-ins and more dynamic charts, while keeping the scanning features of the legacy technology, it doesn't seem to be making many friends among the established subscriber base (although I don't know what the usage statistics are).

    While I like the idea of twelve charts on the screen, and the flexibility to change time frames on one symbol, or to see the same symbol in multiple time frames, etc. I miss the ease of paging through my lists the way you could in candleglance. Entering symbols one by one is for the birds. Also, there is way too much border around charts. I thought candleglance charts were much clearer (even my custom ones with indicators top and bottom and overlays). What I'd really like to see is candleglance with "zoom", so as you are reviewing your lists, you could just scroll to focus in on a particular chart (kind of like how google maps works), work with that chart (change time frames, see full quote, change start-end dates, delete it, move it to another list, etc.) and when you are done with it, zoom out again.

    Bottom line, I think they have to make up their minds whether they are a trading site or an analysis site. If they want to be trading site, they REALLY have to pick up their game. If they are an analysis site, they have more a lot more work to do to make ACP charts as clear and useful and user-friendly as the legacy product.
  • I agree. Something smells off. And there is no method to find out what is going on. I know, twice from personal experience, how important a single programmer's skills can be in the operation of a company.

    When Grayson demonstrated the NEW multichart new feature, it was laughable. But he is so excited by it. Go to ACP. Put 12 charts on a page. If you have any indicators on your chart, they are useless as the charts are too small to read. Great news, you can maximize any of the charts to actually read it. I haven't tried ACP on my cell phone yet. Maybe that is the cat's behind.
  • I think a big issue with ACP is that it is stuck inside of one screen. On OUR StockCharts (the one we signed up for), the chart can be bigger than the page. On Grayson's StockCharts (the one he's developing) the chart is limited to the page, and anything you add to your chart, like indicators, eat into that limitation and shrink everything and any pullout windows eat into it. You want to see multiple charts, that eats into the limitation.

    How do I scroll wheel on my phone or tablet? I guess I use my fingers to pinch and unpinch? Haven't tried it but it sounds very exciting!!!! When I get the opportunity I'm going to dive into it.

    Grayson tweeted about SHOP with an annotated chart. He isn't using ACP for this stuff? The tweet would have been more exciting.

    OK, got the exciting opportunity to try ACP on my phone. Exciting news!!!! ACP for Mobile is coming SOON!!!!!! I'm excited.
  • So, I go to contact Support, regarding the Security warning that is popping up in Chrome.

    They have this as a pop up in the Contact Support page

    Some programmers idea of a joke?
  • You'd think he'd make his point with an ACP chart, but no.

  • Please show me JUST ONE PERSON in the Public Chart Lists using ACP. ... JUST ONE ...
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited January 2021
    You can't use them for public lists as the view in public lists isn't in ACP. It's in 10 per page view.

    But, if we could, I certainly wouldn't be using it as my public list is using Point and Figure Charts. This chart style is not supported in ACP.

  • His chart format isn't nearly as good here. Wonder why he's not using ACP charts for this? It would be so exciting if he did.

    "10 stocks I'm watching closely and stalking as possible trade candidates. Always long, focused on strong trending stocks breaking out to new highs while displaying relative strength against both the total market and their respective sectors."

  • Agree. He could show more detail with a weekly Candleglance style that includes the RS comparisons. ACP wastes a lot of space with borders.
  • ACP = small tire ... big hubcap ...
  • My biggest peeve is that if you have multiple charts open for different time periods, when you are going through your scanned results, only the main highlighted chart updates. All charts will update only if you put a symbol in the search. Very frustrating. The whole point of multiple charts is that they should give you the option to update all the charts at once. It makes no sense that this was not available right away when the multiple chart ability was introduced. End rant.
  • He says that 2021 is going to be a huge focus on SharpCharts. But he's excited with what the team is doing in ACP.
  • I found something that ACP is useful for. At least for me. So, let's say you want to set an Alert on a stock.

    On ACP you can set a price alert from the ACP screen. Or, if you are like me, you've set up a Symbol Alert template and you can go to the Alerts page from ACP and modify the Alert in that manner. Going to the Alerts page from ACP opens in a new tab so you can refer back to the chart in the other tab.

    It would be nice if the "team" adds this functionality to the legacy system. Grayson said that they are laser focused on rolling out improvements in the legacy system in 2021. We'll see, but I do like the ability to set Alerts from charts and if ACP is the gateway, that's great for now.
  • They have not changed the legacy system since1865, just after the Civil War. Why is it so hard to just get one more color added?
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited March 2021
    New data stream is really exciting for the team and a big, big feature!!!! Watch when he goes through the exciting new color schemes. Cool!!!! I really wonder about Grayson at times.

    "Well, we're back at it again. Another major update to ACP, with new features, new tools, new enhancements and more technical charting power than ever before. Version 1.2 is officially here, ready for you to explore and enjoy.

    On yesterday's edition of "StockCharts In Focus", we dove into the latest version of our Advanced Charting Platform to give you an in-depth tour of all that's just rolled out in ACP.

    In addition to an entirely new data delivery pipeline behind the scenes, the latest version includes the ability to save symbols to your multi-chart layouts, updates to the "chart outline", tons of new settings to help you customize your charts, price alerts in a single click, a handy new maximize feature on the ChartLists drawer and even the ability to watch StockCharts TV right from within ACP.

    So before you dive in and explore on your own, join me for a quick tour of the latest n' greatest in ACP. It'll leave you with a great list of new features to test out in the platform, plus a few helpful tips and tricks to maximize your charting workflow."

  • "action packed" "off to the races" "exciting changes" "incredibly powerful" "enhanced sidebar" "more and more powerful" "mission is to make ACP even more exciting"

    If you watch it, you will have to point out any exciting new features to me. I couldn't find one, except something became very clear. Grayson basically admits that nobody in house can provide any value enhancements to the SharpCharts system.

    Oh, by the way, the Larry Williams indicator pack is going up $200 in less than a couple weeks. If only it was available for use in SharpCharts, I'd see some value perhaps. But having to put an indicator on a chart and then having to scroll through a list of symbols in order to see if the indicator is at an actionable level or not, seems like a terrible waste of user's time. Exciting? Sure!!!
  • Grayson is married to ACP and lives in the mansion. Regular old Stockcharts is the ex-wife, and lives out back, in the shed. It's just a yard tool now. An old wheelbarrow.
  • If you watch the video on Youtube there is a comments section. I posted some comments and Grayson responded. I suggested that he do the next show on all the improvements in the "core" product. The "core" product that he is using to fund his ACP foray.

  • Great idea. ... I would guess it's 95% old Stockcharts users and only 5% ACP users currently.
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