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This is the year!!!



  • a new color could be in "much more".

    "....we'll have an email for you soon with ALL of the details, but I can share a couple of things with you now:

    - Scheduled Scans: the ability to automatically run a scan at a specific time of day and save the results for later review

    -- Continuous Scrolling ChartLists: no more clicking on "next"

    -- Earnings Dates on the charts!

    ... and much more."

  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited March 2022
    New change on email Alert Notification. They send the alert in chartlist format. They added a View All Results button. Prior to this the Alert notification would have sent just the symbols and truncated the list at some predetermined results level. The new format allows clicking on the View All Results button and it takes you to a page, similar to the Scan results window, called Alerts Results. From here you can Save the Chartlist, Download CSV, or Edit Alert Criteria.

    As someone who uses Alerts pretty extensively, I'll put this change in the FANTASTIC Change bucket. This will actually improve some of my processes tremendously.
  • The new automatic scrolling is a PITA ... That spinning circle makes a long chartlist jump around all over the place. ... They need an option to turn it off.

    If a wheel is round, don't upgrade it and make it square.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited March 2022
    To me, the Scroll View just puts a back to top arrow

    The Performance View is a nice feature.
    Symbol Summary view is also a nice add. Doesn't look like they updated the Symbol Summary yet, but it's nice to be able to access it for a list.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited March 2022
    They added a lot more columns to the ChartList Summary view. The Moving average columns also appear to display the % difference between the MA and the price.
  • Candleglance is now showing all the charts on one page, similar to the Scroll View
  • Candleglance scrolling ... Yes, and we traded clicking on the separate (but STABLE) page tabs for the spinning circle and jumpy charts as large lists load ... I don't like it ...
  • I get what you mean about the jumpy charts now. I saw it on the candleglance. I wasn't seeing it on the Scroll View but I think it may be because I don't have a lot of indicators on my charts. I'll let the changes settle a bit before declaring them unstable. I tend to have longer chartlists with over a hundred symbols per list. I was fine with the 10 per page and 30 candleglance per page. It actually is easier, for me, to find charts in that mode.

    I do like the column adds to Summary view. Being able to sort on different indicators without having to run a Rank By scan is somewhat beneficial. I don't normally use the default settings on indicators but it's better than it was before in my opinion.

  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited April 2022
    Scheduled Scans is a good upgrade. It will help replace the routine that Grayson does "every single day". The limit is currently 10 scheduled scans at the EXTRA service level.

    Interesting feature in that area. If you select "Your Scans" section, it will display all of your saved Scans with all of the text of the scans. Could be useful for "backing up" your scan code. Also could be useful in identifying and removing no longer needed scans that have been saved. You can delete them right from this listing. You can also edit and run them from here as well. Pretty useful.

    Here's a link to the latest round of sitewide updates.....
  • Scheduled Scans -- only help if you like results shown ALPHABETICALLY. If you want results RANKED, you need to scan manually like before.

    If your car drives fine with ROUND wheels, why would you put SQUARE wheels on it??
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited April 2022
    I don't know how they actually work just yet but I just set up two scheduled scans. One to modify a list and the other to create a new list.

    Still has some benefit over what was there before, which was nothing.

    Now that they set up some scan capability for ACP indicators, it should be interesting.
  • The automatic scroll on Candleglance charts is TERRIBLE. It takes me a long time waiting for that SPINNING CIRCLE and about 10 CLICKS to -- FINALLY -- get to the bottom of a long chart list. ... Previously, I simply click on the last tab page. One click and done. .... NASTY ...
  • TERRIBLE ---- Automatic Candleglance scrolling is TERRIBLE.

    It took me 18 EIGHTEEN CLICKS ..... and ONE MINUTE TWENTY SECONDS to get to the bottom of a ranked chartlist containing 570 items.

    I could get there in ONE CLICK previously.

    Auto scrolling candleglance charts makes the RANK feature almost USELESS if you want to see the ranked highs and lows of your lists.

    BLAH ....... if it ain't broke, do not fix it.
  • I'd like an indication in the chartlists as to last updated or accessed/modified. The Rank By on the Scheduled scan is ignored. So sounds like two suggestions to be submitted to support. I did get an email that the scheduled scans were run
  • Yes ... Scheduled Scans are run ... and you get an ALPHABETICAL list. Ranking is now useless there.

    And ranking is useless with Candleglance because it takes WAAAAY too long to get to the end of the list.

    Doesn't anyone BETA TEST these new features first?... Who dreams this stuff up?

    Sheduled scans and automatic scrolling ..... ..... FAR WORSE THAN WHAT WE HAD PREVIOUSLY.
  • Excellent points @azb

  • EVEN WORSE .... After waiting ONE MINUTE for that spinning circle to get to the bottom of a long Candleglance chart list ... if I click on a chart to see my default for it, when returning to my Candleglance list, it takes me back to the TOP OF THE LIST, and I have to wait ANOTHER FULL MINUTE for that spinning circle to get me back to where I was in my list review. .... THIS IS A TERRIBLE NEW FEATURE.

    So, if I want to click / review 10 charts in my list, I now have to return to the TOP of the list 10 TIMES, and again WAIT TEN TIMES .. and CONSTANTLY KEEP CLICKING my task slider ... for that spinning circle to get me back to the bottom of the list. ............. THIS MAKES THE CANDLEGLANCE VIEW -- TOTALLY USELESS -- for reviewing charts.

    They replaced a very good ONE SECOND, 2 CLICK process .... with a 1 MINUTE, 20 CLICK ONE. And that is just to see ONE chart. ... We are now slaves to that SPINNING CIRCLE.

  • Request made to Support on issue related to Scheduled Scans. The scan isn't saved as the scan is written. This is a good start but The Rank By is ignored. Please add the Save in Sorted order as the default on the Scheduled Scans.
  • OMG .. on a device with limited screen space like a phone or tablet, it will take 200 swipes and 1200 spinning circles to get to the bottom of a long chartlist. ... And remember, just a few months ago, they enlarged the chartlist size to 1,000 symbols. We will NEVER see the bottom of one of those lists on a mobile device. I guess their Beta Testers do not have cell phones.
  • Got a response from support regarding the Scheduled Scans:

    Thank you for contacting us. The issue you are reporting is a bug on our end that has been passed onto the programming team to review and correct. Unfortunately I don't have a specific time-frame for when this will get reviewed and fixed but we are aware of this issue with scheduled scans.
  • @azb I sent a message to support asking that the change in CandleGlance becoming scroll view be reversed. I also commented on this week's YouTube video detailing the change.

    The spinning wheel isn't an improvement. Grayson says that you know you are at the bottom of the CandleGlance when you don't see the spinning wheel anymore. NICE!!! I prefer to know where I am on a list at all times. Some times I want to focus on a certain section. Page 13 on the 10 per page, or page 4 on the CandleGlance. Page 4 no longer exists.

    With that TERRIBLE Auto Scroll, it takes me 18 CLICKS ... 18 SPINNING CIRCLE WAITS ... and over 1 FULL MINUTE ... to get to the bottom of a chartlist.

    Plus, with e4very spinning circle, the charts JUMP on the screen, forcing me to memorize precisely where I am before I hit another click.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2022
    I think the way Candleglance is now meant to work is, all the charts load all at once on to one "page". Then you can use the slider on the right move up and down the page without having to click at all - just slide.

    The problem is, as you have noted, with a long list, the page takes a LONG time to load (the spinning circle).

    NOTE: clicking while the circle is spinning does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The cursor is "dead" until the page stops loading. It might look like you are doing something because one batch of pages gets loaded at a time, and then the next batch gets loaded. But it's doing that automatically, not in response to your clicks. So, you could go get a coffee and come back and it will load just as fast (well, slow).

    I'm not sure why the page takes so long to load. It probably loads faster if your charts are simple - no indicators at all might be pretty fast (relatively speaking), while a lot of them (I have thirteen) would really slow it down (loading the sp500 takes about 3 minutes on my machine (a guess - didn't time it: edit I did time it - 2:15 approx). It might also depend on the speed of your internet connection (and whether your connection is wireless (slower) or ethernet cable (faster) or what kind of graphics card you have, or whether you are on a laptop or PC (or Mac).

    I'm guessing a lot people might like the slider for reviewing charts - once you get used to it, its probably faster than clicking on pages and having them reload every time you want to go to different charts. But I agree the initial wait for the single page to load is a deal breaker unless they can find a faster way to do it.
  • Markd .. ALL your points are NOT correct.

    It takes my long chartlist of 578 symbols.... 18 clicks ... 18 spinning circles ... and over a FULL MINUTE to load.

    The problem is they are downloading "pages" just like before. It is NOT my internet speed, NOT my clicking too early, NOT my computer, etc. It is THEIR server speed. My candleglance charts are simple charts, 3 moving averages, no indicators, no indicator pane display.

    The power of candleglance charts is you can see a lot of RANKED charts very quickly. Ranked means see highs and lows, the list top and bottoms, the extremes. That is where the opportunity is. Oversold, undersold, ran too far, turning up, etc.

    The 18 clicks ... 18 spinning circles ... 1 FULL MINUTE to load occurs BOTH on my work computer and my home computer, on my work internet and home internet. I let one spinning circle stop, before clicking again. ... 18 spinning circles x 3 seconds = 54 seconds. At 4 seconds each, it is 72 seconds. THAT IS TOO LONG to get to a chartlist bottom.

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2022
    OK. I can only tell you what happens on my machine, not yours. What I'm telling you about what happens on my machine is "correct". There may be reasons we don't have the same experience.

    I ran this scan:

    [group is sp500]
    rank by sctr.large

    It brings back 500 symbols ranked by sctr on the results page.

    I used "replace" and "preserve sort order" to save the symbols in sctr order to my existing sp500 list.

    I opened the list in candleglance.

    I waited (and waited) while it loaded completely without any clicking. It takes a little over two minutes to load everything. I can't click when the wheel stops spinning because the next set of charts starts loading before the wheel stops spinning. I have to keep sliding down to see the spinning wheel, but as I get there the next set of charts start loading.

    WHEN THEN LOADING IS DONE, all the symbols are displayed IN SCTR ORDER on one (very long) page. The symbols with the best sctrs are near the top of the page, and the poor sctrs are way down the bottom of the page. I can quickly slide from the top to the bottom of the page and anywhere in between - very quickly and faster than the old way. I can tell where I am in the list - half way down, quarter way, two thirds, etc. - by the position of the slider bar in the slider. (The slider represents the whole page - the slider bar represents how far up or down you are on the page).

    I can't explain why you have to click to load pages and I don't. I don't know if it matters, but I use Firefox. Other browsers might work differently. There may be a setting somewhere for how to load pages. It's not a problem for me so I haven't looked.

    I agree with you the loading process is much too slow.

    I also agree that some people might find numbered pages easier to navigate and for finding symbols with specific characteristics. I think it's easier to find a page number again than it is to remember how far up or down the page a symbol was.
  • If you've been on ACP, you may note that those charts take longer to load in general. CandleGlance on a cell phone is torture Better off, if you have a custom CandleGlance, changing that to your default and running 10 per page on a cell imho.
  • Markd .....

    WAITED TWO MINUTES .... this says everything.

    With no Auto Scroll ... I wait TWO SECONDS to see my entire candleglance list.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  • I don't know why you seem to think I am disagreeing with you.
  • Not arguing at all. We are saying the SAME thing.

    I am AMAZED that the SC programmers pushed this "new feature" out the door so carelessly.
  • My CandleGlance and Scroll views only load like normal page views and only add more charts by scrolling past the last chart. Then it adds another page. Scroll past the bottom and then another is added. I don't get a full load of the list until I scroll past the bottom of each rendering. I'm using Firefox.
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