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This is the year!!!

Start of the video is so "reassuring"

I guess that my comments on his last video had some impact. Hopefully it's more than words. Well, if they can find someone to add to the team who is comfortable working on SharpCharts. Of course he says "nothings going to change". So I guess he's covered both sides of the equation. Hey, we promised that nothing was going to change in SharpCharts. But this is the year that big changes are coming as they ..... oh, I don't know.... change the fonts? Add new color backgrounds?


  • I am desperately trying to get just 1 more color. How hard can that be ???
  • I'm guessing those editor updates from the other question are part of the Sharpcharts changes.
  • This is a great video for new members. but there is NOTHING NEW here.
  • @azb there are more colors. If you change the Color Schemes background on the chart to the darks, then White becomes available. But... Black disappears from the options.

    Of course, on the Advanced Charting Platform you have more options than you can imagine.

    The ACP Team is amazing.

    I'd like to see them fix the PnF charts. In CandleGlance you can see the numbers at the bottom of the P&F Traditional chart. Those are Year markers. They have a field displaying 2 digit data in a 1 digit field. So the 1 is really 19, the 1st 2 is 20 and the 2nd is 21.

    Or on the P&F Percent, the don't display any decimals on the Price Axis and has the same date issue

    I have annually made the request to have this fixed for at least 4 years now.
  • I am just trying to see what they have improved in the original Stock Charts.

    I don't want to learn ACP just to use one new color. How hard is it to add 1 more to get 13? My point is, if they have not added even 1 color more, then they have improved nothing else, since colors are simple programming.
  • Remember, the core product is an international program. Perhaps there is a color quantity restriction somewhere. With severe fines and penalties.

    Just kidding. The "simple" and the "logical" are obviously not in the priority queue for the last few years at least. ACP is a perfect example. Paid for by Core Product users to the benefit of ......
  • ... to the benefit of future profits .. selling plugins, brokerage fees, etc. if you go to their store, be sure to hold on to your wallet!
  • This is why they are ignoring original Stockcharts .....
    New ACP Moxie Indicator Plug In for sale ... FOUR HUNDRED NINETY SEVEN DOLLARS ....
  • The Moxie is worth at least 599.99 but wait, there's more!!!! 15 minute chart tools!!! so it's a deal for sure.
    Grayson Builds a very exciting Moxie Layout view. He bores the heck out of me. I think he gets paid per using the word "moxie".

    Here's the guy that Grayson is so excited about!!

  • Larry Williams "STARTER Pack" .... on sale now for SEVEN HUNDRED NINETY FIVE DOLLARS.
  • 2 months left in the year of big changes to the SharpCharts system. It's been quite an exciting year of changes so far.

    I'll start the list of significant changes I've seen so far. Feel free to add to it. I can't see everything.

    OK, here goes....

  • I'm still trying to get just ONE more color added to Sharp Charts. ............. Just ONE, please.
  • Oh, well. the good news is I saved SEVEN HUNDRED NINETY FIVE DOLLARS, buy not buying the Larry Williams plugin.
  • Must be doing something because today my symbol search doesn't work.
  • I was all excited as I started reading the headline, and then.......... let down.

    The Biggest Update In A Decade - Introducing The Totally New, Totally Revamped 'Stock Market Mastery' ChartPack!

    It's ACP ready as well. So it technically could be considered an improvement to both systems. I did buy this chartpack several years ago. I didn't renew. It was something like 90 chartlists at the time. Took up a lot of space in the available chartlist limit of 250 at the time. Now it "over 75 chartlists" but they upped the limit this year.

    Hey, upping the limits on chartlists and symbols per list is an improvement to the SharpCharts system. I'll add that to the improvements/enhancements list I've been compiling since Grayson announced that this year was going to be a big year for SharpCharts improvements.

    1. Increased Chartlist limits.
    2. Increased Symbols per chartlist limits
  • Nothing new for Stock Charts, except the TV. Great. Another way for commentators to sell us stuff.
  • Great news!!! Everyone asking this question now has answers!!! I wonder when the leaning in to SharpCharts will kick in?

    Today's secret word "ton"
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited December 2021
    Happy New Year!!!
  • I received an email questionnaire from Stockcharts asking for feedback. I'm assuming all of you did, too. There's your chance to be heard!
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited December 2021
    spam spoof email. It's not from I reported it to them.
  • Of course, Grayson promised that 2021 was going to be a big year for changes to the SharpCharts system was also spam/spoof. But then of course, the Vice President of Operations at said that nothing would change, so perhaps he achieved the goal.
  • So many changes that I overlooked UNTIL NOW!!!!

    1. Increased Chartlist limits.
    2. Increased Symbols per chartlist limits
    3. Increased Alert limits
    4. Increased Scan limits
    5. Increased ChartStyle limits
    6. Extended Hours charts!!!!
    7. Up to 150 Crypto "coin" charts
  • Here we go. Teasing new stuff coming AGAIN!!
  • I would love to see inter day scanning on lower time frames. I'd just love to see that available one day.
  • Oh, it could be. There are "tons" of changes to be introduced over the next few weeks according to Grayson. Not saying intraday time period scanning isn't one of them but I'm not saying it is either.

    He mentioned one recent change. The scan results page now has several buttons that replaced a single dropdown. Of course that change was incomplete and needed to be fixed for functionality and they did a day or two later but, I'm sure that the secret changes are going to be great. I'll bet that there may be a new color introduced to the mix by the time it's all said and done.

    If I had the desire to punish myself, I'd go back and count how many times he says "every single day" in that video. And the funny thing is, if he used the scan differently, he wouldn't have to do it "every single day". Maybe he doesn't know about the calendar function, or the option to nest requirements for prior periods in a single scan. He's not the best presenter of information for sure. Takes 5 minutes to cover something that can be succinctly covered in a minute. Then he could take the other 4 minutes to expound on the topic.

    Hey, he's doing his best.
  • Agree he could be more succinct. Frankly, I don't have the patience to watch, but that's true of almost all the videos. My time is valuable and I just can't bear to wait and wait and wait to get through the chit chat and the cutesy graphics. It seems video producers just don't get that, unlike a live or broadcast presentation, on video if you miss something, you can re-play it! So it's not a problem to get straight to the point - intro, info, summary, done.
  • watch it from the 24:55 point. communication skills extraordinaire
  • email from Chip confirms it. This is the year..........

    To recap:

    New features coming later this week
    No price changes
    New "releases" with even more features coming every couple of months
  • Hopefully I can get a new color !!!

    What percent use is Stockcharts vs ACP? ... I will guess 90% Stockcharts, and only 10% ACP.
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